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Small Weddings of 2020

“We were worried we wouldn’t be able to make our day “special” with the COVID restrictions. However, actually, it meant we ended up having a relaxed, unique and memorable day with those we are closest too. It was a day full of pure joy, love and happiness”
Holly & James

Intimate, small, mini, micro have all been the buzz words when it comes to describing the weddings of 2020, but they may have been smaller but by no means have they been less joyful, happy, fun and special.  At this point at the beginning of the year with a full season of booked weddings ahead, and possible apprehensions that couples might be having,I thought it would be helpful to look back on all the wonderful positives of the smaller weddings that we have had over the past 9 months or so.


Despite it not being the wedding we had originally planned and hoped for, the outcome was better that we ever could have imagined! It was the most incredibly special day with our absolute nearest and dearest. It was such a relief to finally just do it, it really hammers home what is actually important – the marriage itself! 

Harry & Sophie

I think the above statement “it really hammers home what is actually important – the marriage itself” is the most positive thing that this season has brought back to weddings.  Weddings have been stripped down to their bare essentials, and with out all the hype, worry, and stress over table decorations, colours of napkins, flower arrangements and who is going to sit next to who, couples have once again been reminded of the true meaning of getting married.  We have had a very surreal season of wedding simplicity.  The bare fact of two people committing their lives to one another.  It has been a time when to ‘love and honour’ each other has beautifully reflected the lifetime commitment that weddings foretell, meaningfully represented when you give the rings to each other, as a symbol of unending love.  This is what this year has brought back to the forefront of our minds.  It has created uncluttered memories of wedding days with the marriage ceremony taking centre stage in our memory banks.

This season has forced couples and suppliers to think creatively to how to adapt to the ever changing restrictions.  We have seen the embrace of outdoor ceremonies and receptions, shorter days ending in cups of tea and cake, socially distances group photos, receptions in village parks, meals in garages and first dances outside or discreetly at a corner of the room.  We have physically encouraged the use of mobile phones and technology.  Where ever you look there is someone holding up a phone to be able to include a family member or friends from behind a screen, along with couples peering into a tiny screen waving and smiling. Microphones and laptops are a crucial part of a ceremony and take prime position, no longer discreatly hidden, but honoured and respected.  Phases such as “watch us on Youtube”, groups of friends gathering outside to wave and congratulate from afar as they get a glimpse of the couple, along with endless video messages from guests in their sitting room adorning hats and morning suits have become the norm! The restricted numbers have forced family members to step in as florists, chauffeurs, cake makers, mask makers, musicians and even vicars! It certainly has been a season of embracing new ways as well as discovering hidden talents.


“We ended up with a much smaller guest list made up of close family and a few friends and it was the most perfect day we could’ve wished for. Despite everything, we felt so relaxed and the whole atmosphere was much more intimate than it would have been had we had our original numbers.”

Nathan & Sadie


Although 2020 was not the usual packed year of weddings, I did have the privilege of photographing 14 wonderful small intimate weddings in between the lockdowns.  They were so relaxed and individual. To  be able to see brides so relieved to be getting married after many changes of plans, broken hearts, healed and then broken again with yet more reorganisation, the sense of gratefulness and joy has been abundant in all the weddings ranging from just small ceremonies and group photos to full blown mini weddings.


“Even though the marriage before God was the most important part to us, we were amazed at how much it still felt like a ‘wedding’ even with only 15 of us. We still said our vows, had confetti thrown on us, had our wedding photos, did a first dance and were still the centre of attention for the day! You can still do all of those wedding traditions when there’s only 15 of you which makes the day feel so special and exciting as it’s things you would only do on your wedding day!”
Joe & Rosie

Although it has been truly special to be brought back to the bare routes of a wedding, and I have absolutely loved the relaxed and intimate atmosphere which all the weddings have had, I feel it is also really important to remember and mourn over the lack of those elements of a wedding that have historically brought the day together.  The music, dancing, banquets of food, stunning flowers adoring churches and venues, the sound of church bells, boxes of booze, stunning cakes and many more. The extras that are all normally such an immensely enjoyable part of the planning stage of a wedding, and which make every wedding individual and special.  Never the less the weddings over the summer were no less filled with laughter and joy, but what I realised was it is entirely possible to carry on regardless of the smaller numbers, planning a wedding just as if it were for 100 plus yet only for 15 or so.

Continuing to plan and book all the extras supports all the amazing creative businesses involved in the wedding industry.  So this year let us not make it another year of postponements and disappointment. Let us accept and embrace that numbers will probably be smaller, but please do not think your wedding will be any less magical and wonderful!

So, this is to encourage all of you who are getting married in 2021 and feeling concerned that numbers will not be what we all expected them to be a year on.  To encourage you to keep going, to carry on getting married, have the wedding you planned, with all the suppliers you wanted and all then extras you designed and researched, but just on a smaller scale, and to embrace all the positives and wonderful elements that smaller weddings give you.  Please take note of what my couples have said.  Not a single one of them regret that they did not wait.  They have nothing but praise for their smaller intimate wedding.

One of my brides, Sadie, ties it altogether beautifully………………..

One of the best things about having fewer guests was that it gave us the opportunity to spend time with each of our guests throughout the day without compromising on spending time together, and we didn’t feel under pressure to get round all the guests. It just felt natural and relaxed. We also absolutely loved that the photos we now have forever are pictures of our nearest and dearest, and there are so many beautiful moments captured of the people we love the most, people we know will be in our lives forever and we won’t lose touch with over time. If we could do it all over again, we wouldn’t change a thing. The numbers we had were perfect and having a smaller wedding made the day much more special, and a day we will remember for the rest of our lives”


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 Just click on the button to find out more



Lovely Words

“Alice was incredible from beginning to start, she was so prompt at replying to messages and was very approachable, friendly and helpful on the phone. She made us feel very at ease and completely at home with her. She was the perfect balance of discreet and present, and I was over joyed to see the photos she’d taken of the day – moments I didn’t know she was there she captured the perfect shot! Her shots sum up us and our day better than I ever thought possible.”

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