Alice Morgan | Flora and Fred's Tipi wedding - What a great day!

Flora and Fred's Tipi wedding - What a great day!

July 03, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

I have to admit Flora and Fred's Tipi wedding sent a wave of nerves through my body when I arrived at their beautiful parents home and entered a Wedding Tipi for the fist time! No natural light, tungsten spots lights, fairy lights and huge diagonal structural poles from every angle......eeeeek, but as i explored the Tipi more and took in the fantastic flowers and table directions it began to warm on me, and the nerves turned to a wave of excitement and challenge.  With some clever little lighting tricks the Tipi exploded with vibrance, colour and creativity.  I Loved it and was constantly excited to see how each shot looked on the camera.  Every angle gave me a new dynamic shot, and the lighting was an array of colours and transformed the poles and canvas into amazing features.  


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