The Wedding Industries Awards 2018

March 02, 2018  •  Leave a Comment

It meant such a huge amount to me to become a Regional Finalist of the South Central area of the UK this year.  I was nominated along side 10 other  who are all the most wonderful photographers, and whom I have drawn great inspiration from through looking at their work over the past year.

The Wedding industry Awards is not only purely about the photography.  It is based mainly on the reviews and comments from couples I have had the privilege to photograph over the past year.  With out their reflections and reviews of my work I would not have become a finalist at all.  So it is to them I owe my gratitude to.  

Each year I meet a selection for wonderful and inspiring couples who i greatly enjoy getting to know, and becoming a part of their wedding journey.  I only  can see it as a privilege to be one of the people to be apart of this journey.  From right at the beginning when ideas for the day are shared, to walking and hearing engagement stories as we spend time over the pre wedding shoot.  Understanding family dynamics, joys and lows. To giving encouragement and advice of the shape of the day, colours of flowers, bridesmaids dresses and even bands! - I am not musical !! and to being that person who is looked at with a face of Help...... how do i tie a cravat?? 

I honestly love what i do and each year i can not wait to enter in to a world of creativity expression and joy.  I am so looking forward to 2018.

Below is the video that I put together which was part of my Wedding Industry Awards application.  Enjoy the joy!



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