Alice Morgan: Blog en-us (C) Alice Morgan (Alice Morgan) Thu, 21 Jun 2018 11:42:00 GMT Thu, 21 Jun 2018 11:42:00 GMT Alice Morgan: Blog 80 120 Pete & Victoria's Carnival style wedding in the Oxfordshire country side When I met with Pete and Victoria for their pre wedding consolation they talked me through all the wonderful carnival style ideas they had planned for their Tipi wedding. Victoria got out her Pinterest scrap book which was full of creative ideas, and sure enough when we arrived at the Tipi on the most stunning sunny day there was a wonderful array of carnival games, ideas, ice-cream stalls, cocktails in bottles, crazy golf all topped off with an inflatable obstacle course which caused great entertainment.  All the way through the day the guest were kept well entertained starting with a surprise appearance of 2 beautiful Alpacas.  It was all arranged by Pete, so when Victoria walked through a shower of confetti she was greeted by 2 cuddly Alpacas!!

The day was a celebration and party with all their best friends who got fully involved in the inflatable obstacle course, enjoyed a spin in one of the 3 Austin Martins, played all the games, and ate a delicious BBQ style food by Charcoal Grill, all within a beautiful Tipi which was the perfect setting for the day.  The sun shone and everyone relaxed on haybales until the dancing was kicked off by music by Visually Sounds (the best DJ in the area) to a fantastic comical first dance by Pete and Victoria who made everyone smile and join in.  The sun went down and everyone gathered around open fires in the Tipi and outside where they were fed fish and Chips by the Goujon Monkey and toasted marshmallows.  It really was a magical day.


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19th May THE Day to get married Well the 19th May was certainly THE day to get married. It was not only a Royal Wedding, but also the most fantastic weather and the day of Ben and Amy at Amy's parents home in Surrey.  Amy's Father had transformed the garden into a spectacular array of Azaleas and Rodedendrums.  Thanks to the neighbours being willing to lend them a proportion of their garden, the two gardens together accommodated a beautiful marquee while the guests strolled round the garden and sat amongst the flowers looking out over the spectacular views over Southern England.  It really was the most idilic setting.

Amy and Ben were so relaxed, and the whole wedding day was filled with laughter.  The best man got everyone laughing and the groom creasing with embarrassment.  A few new stories for the bride to go into married life with !


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Spring has sprung and so have the engagement shoots Spring arrives and so do my engagement shoots.  Couples with weddings in the summer frequently opt for an engagement shoot in the spring.  I think the freshness, excitement and sense of newness of life reflects all that is to come with a wedding.   As spring gives us a sense of the expectations of Summer, I think its a beautiful subconscious backdrop to a beautiful life filled commitment of marriage.  Spring is natures way or committing to Summer - giving us a glimpse of what is to come, so do, i hope my engagement shoot photos.  I hope they capture a moment, a smile, a sense of commitment and love away from the glamor of the wedding day.  I hope they represent a sense of two people quietly alone saying " I Love You and there is so much more to come"


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The Wedding Industries Awards 2018 It meant such a huge amount to me to become a Regional Finalist of the South Central area of the UK this year.  I was nominated along side 10 other  who are all the most wonderful photographers, and whom I have drawn great inspiration from through looking at their work over the past year.

The Wedding industry Awards is not only purely about the photography.  It is based mainly on the reviews and comments from couples I have had the privilege to photograph over the past year.  With out their reflections and reviews of my work I would not have become a finalist at all.  So it is to them I owe my gratitude to.  

Each year I meet a selection for wonderful and inspiring couples who i greatly enjoy getting to know, and becoming a part of their wedding journey.  I only  can see it as a privilege to be one of the people to be apart of this journey.  From right at the beginning when ideas for the day are shared, to walking and hearing engagement stories as we spend time over the pre wedding shoot.  Understanding family dynamics, joys and lows. To giving encouragement and advice of the shape of the day, colours of flowers, bridesmaids dresses and even bands! - I am not musical !! and to being that person who is looked at with a face of Help...... how do i tie a cravat?? 

I honestly love what i do and each year i can not wait to enter in to a world of creativity expression and joy.  I am so looking forward to 2018.

Below is the video that I put together which was part of my Wedding Industry Awards application.  Enjoy the joy!


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Samual's and Esha's Nikah - Eynsham Hall We had a great celebration at Eynsham Hall to celebrate to Nikah of Samuel and Esha.  The marriage contract is signed in a Nikah ceremony, in which the groom or his representative proposes to the bride in front of at least two witnesses. The bride and groom demonstrate their free will by personally accepting each other . Then the couple and two male witnesses sign the contract, making the marriage legal according to civil and religious law.  Esha was so stunning dressed in a beautiful ornate dress of navy blue velvet, aqua silk with elaborate highly decorative embroidery.  All close family and friends were there to witness this gorgeous couple commit their lives to each other, and exchange rings.  We had a really special portrait shoot outside which enabled us to capture some really special and intimate moments between the couple.  


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New Years Eve Wedding - Dinton Hall What a great way to celebrate New Year by having your wedding on New Years Eve.  2018 was welcomed with so much love, excitement and celebration at Rosie and Steve's wedding at Dinton Hall.  Rosie looked stunning in a bespoke dress made by Emma Victoria Payne, which included her grandmothers vintage veil, and her makeup done by the amazing Debbie Mac.  Her bridesmaids were in fabulous dresses which were perfect for a winter black tie wedding.  They all looked stunning and a joy to photograph.   The Guard of Honour after the ceremony was a first for me, but a wonderful way to exit the church and enter in to the celebrations of the evening.  We had a fabulous outdoor photo shoot with flame torches and fairy lights.  We even were brave enough to get some fantastic quirky photos on the rickety old bridge leading over the lake.  

Inside the warm and glowing marquee champagne was flowing and the guest were entertained by an amazing acoustic singer and a magician who was doing the rounds.  Goose and Berry served a delicious meal and the reception got under full swing.  The New Year was seen in with a count down, confetti guns that filled the dance floor and followed by a rendition Old Lang syne! HAPPY NEW YEAR TO ALL !!




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Wonderful colourful Autumn Engagement shoot I met Alex and Sophie at Minster Lovell in the heart of the Cotswolds.  We had a stunning day with soft warm sunshine and glorious autumn colours all with the wonderful back drop of the Minster ruins and cotswold stone.

We always have a wonderful chat about the wedding while stopping in various locations to get some beautiful relaxed and intimate shots.  We come away having really got to know each other better and I always feel even more excited about the wedding.  It is all part of the wedding preparation journey.


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John and Charlottes London wedding John and Charlotte had a multi venued wedding in London in late September.  The day started in the fabulous Sea Containers building over looking the Thames and Blackfriars bridge.  Charlotte wore a stunning elegant dress by Louise Selby, had make up done by Pamela and Andrea of Panda Make up and her bouquet was by Graeme Corbett of Bloom and Burn.  The wedding took place in St Clement Danes Church on the Strand.  This is the fabulous Royal Air Force official church.  It is decorated in beautiful maghony with a wonderful wide aisle which created a amazing sense of perspective in each image.  The Church stands in the middle of the round about, and as the traffic and buses fly round there is a wonderful sense of intimacy and peace as the couple step out as husband and wife for the first time, as handfuls of confetti drench them.  Onwards to the drinks reception at Middle Temple.  Just a few minutes walk from the church Middle temple is one of the four ancient Inns of Court - basically where all the barristers hang out! Champagne flowed as guests chatted in the beautiful gardens.  John and Charlie had the most stunning cake decorated with Gold leaf and fresh flowers.  A quick session of group photos and some portrait photos lead onto the walk from Middle temple down to Blackfriars bridge where the guest boarded a boat - a swift boat! down the Thames to Trinity Buoy Wharf where the reception was held in the only light house in London.  It dates back to the 1500s called the Chain Store that sits the opposite side of the Thames to the Millennium dome.  A fabulous blank open space which gives couples the joy of transforming the space as they wish.  Guest were ushered briskly in for dinner while we grabbed the last of the daylight to get some great dramatic shots of John and Charlotte in the top of the light house over looking the Thames and Millennium dome.  We got some wonderful, completely unique portraits.  The guest were then served a delicious meal by Handmade Food and danced the night away to the tunes by Kelvin Kaliyati.  


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Rob and Rachels Garden Wedding Rachel's Mum transformed their home garden into an amazing array of flowers and fruit trees.  Columbia Creative floral created the most stunning flowers that made your jaw drop and totally transformed the marquee.  Earl Grey Roses -  a first for me and a definite one to remember - they are stunning, and complemented the incredible food by Number 7 Catering. They had a Moraccan themed meal.  Huge sharing plates of watermelon, char grilled prawns, pitter bread and various flavoured humous followed by steaming hot lamb tagging.  We grabbed some amazing photos of the ushers and bridesmaids at the swimming pool in-between rain showers, and Rob and Rachel were not deterred by a spot of rain and picked their way through he fields to get some great shots with the church and rolling fields behind.  

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Charlie and Emily's Dumfriesshire wedding Dumfriesshire pulled the early Autumn weather out the bag for this glorious wedding. The sun shone down and gave Charlie and Emily a wonderful day. Get Knotted produced the most fantastic flowers I have ever had the privilege of photographing. Nipples of venus did a dazzling performance and Wild Thyme organised and cooked exquisite food all topped off with fireworks, sparklers, wonderful guest, best friends, and much laughter. Thank you Emily and Charlie it was such a joy.

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Caswell house wedding I always love a Caswell House wedding and so many of my other photographer friends say the same. It is well known in the circle as a great venue.  The space is beautiful, with great light,  texture, atmosphere, viberance and comfort.  They have a beautiful garden that lends itself fantastically to wonderful varied and imaginative portrait photos of the couple. I even branched out this year and experimented with some night portraits, and was thrilled with the results.  The gaps in the old traditional tiles let spots of light through in the darkness, and the stone walls pick up the light creating amazing texture.  So Caswell house has it amazing food too!! 

In this wedding I had the pleasure of meeting Robin and Becky who were so lovely, and having done their Pre wedding shoot where we walked what felt like the length of london, when we saw each other on the day it was like meeting up with friends again which created a great relaxed feel right from the start of the day.  Caswell House was in all its usual beauty, nad Becky had also booked the most amazing florist to do her flowers and tables.  So a mixture of Caswell House and Flowers by Kirsty was heaven for me and my creative eye was in full flow.

it was a stunning day and the weather could not have been better for us.  Becky and Robin looked amazing, the bridesmaids were all in stunning dusty pink dress with fantastic dimonte beading on the arms and chest.  This brought a wonderful sparkle and element of elegance to a beautiful soft pink colour palett and soft flowing bouquets by Kirsty.



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Brasenose College Oxford Matt and Lettie had a magical wedding in Brasenose College Oxford.  It was a spectacular day full of sunshine, showers and colour.  Vivid blue sky burst their way through the horizontal rain to produce the most wonderful sunshine just when we needed it.  The Ceremony took place in the chapel at the college and then the guest were led out of the college into Radcliffe Square where Lettie and Matt walked into through a channel of confetti and celebration.  We then set out to take some portrait photos with the iconic buildings of the Radcliffe camera and the Bodlian Library as the backdrop.  This turned out to be more of a challenge than we expected! I don't think think Lettie and Matt predicted that I would not be the only photographer, and that being a bride she became the centre of attention for all the groups of tourist in Oxford.  Oxford is full of tourists at the best of times..........but add a bride into the mix and well you get ......ummmm photo opportunity Mayhem??!! We did what we needed to do in order to capture the sights of Oxford and then fled back to the quietness and calm of the inside of the college feeling a little bit battered!

The reception carried on with delicious food, great speeches that even got me chuckling, a great band "Get the party started" which they did in style and lots of laughter and fun at the photo booth.  Once the tourists had all gone for bed I took Lettie and Matt out for some night shots in the Radcliffe square again and this time got some great ones with only the bicycles in the background.



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Hannah and James It rained oh it rained!! but it did not dampen the joy and happiness of the day.  I love the aesthetic qualities of umbrellas in wedding picture, and I love the vibrancy they add to every image.  Hannah and James had their wedding in the garden of their parents house which was only walking distance from the church.  This enabled me to get so many fantastic shots of the guests walking back with umbrellas, lots of smiles and laughter, wonderful confetti shots.  Despite the rain we still managed to get some great outside shots (although quickly) before everyone got too wet, and because of the quickness again this created great images full of emotion and great facial expressions. 

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Country Wedding Simon and Sally had a beautiful wedding set amongst a wild and beautiful garden.  Colour and vibrance were in an abundance through out the garden, wild poppies, sprawling sweet peas, elegant roses, camomile, mint, lavender, all amazing vivid colours and smells.  The drinks reception took place in the garden amongst and under the trees next to an old stunning swimming pool which was originally built in the 1920's, and still holds all its charm with its boarders of abundant meconopsis.  The day was filled with laughter and fun with comical fun page boys and flower girls who gave us lots of laughs. The groom posed an uncanny resemblance to Andy Murray who made a guest appearance along with Leonardo and Nick Knowles.


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James and Niki Wedding at Langar Hall James and Niki had the most wonderful wedding at Langar Hall in Nottinghamshire.  Langar Hall is a wonderful hotel that intentionally feels like a private home. It is a place you walk into and automatically feel like you could live there !! despite being a 12 or so bedroom hotel it has a wonderful comfortable intermit feel to it.  With in the comfortable, unpretentious, shabby chic 4 walls there is a production of exquisite food, and beautiful service resulting in making you as a guest feel like the most important person there.  James and Niki had a beautiful relaxed and fun wedding in the grounds of Langar with stunning weather.  At a wedding I have heard many couples comment on what a delight and honour it is to have all their most loved people all in one place sharing their most special day with them.  This could not have been reflected more in James and Niki's wedding.  Laughter, love, humour and delight in each person was so brilliantly illustrated in a booklet James and Niki put together which gave a short description of each guests accompanied by a photo of each guest.  This naturally created great laughter and amusement for the guests as they learnt insights and secrets about each other.  A wonderful conversation started and humour catalyst for the evening.  The night just continued to produce fun and laughter.  A day I truly found hard to leave at 11pm.

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David and Wallace Oxford Wedding David and Wallace had a wonderful jam packed day for their wedding.  They started off in the beautiful Pembroke College chapel for a private blessing.  They then moved to the Oxford Town Hall where they were met by all their guests for the legal wedding. For a town Hall the Oxford Town Hall is a wonderful elaborate and great place for a wedding - beautiful light, decorative plaster work all create a vibrant and exciting place to photograph.  This was followed by a drinks reception in the quad at Pembroke College, and then the guests were sent on their way with a much needed sandwich box filled with goodies to a boat where they were to be taken to the second part of the reception at The Oxford Thames Hotel down the river.   We then had a walk through the Christ Church meadows together taking some portrait photos and joined up with the boat.  I then waved them off and drove to meet them at the Hotel where they were met by a delicious meal, speeches, more drinks, a fantastic band with multiple saxophones and dancing.

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Flora and Fred's Tipi wedding - What a great day! I have to admit Flora and Fred's Tipi wedding sent a wave of nerves through my body when I arrived at their beautiful parents home and entered a Wedding Tipi for the fist time! No natural light, tungsten spots lights, fairy lights and huge diagonal structural poles from every angle......eeeeek, but as i explored the Tipi more and took in the fantastic flowers and table directions it began to warm on me, and the nerves turned to a wave of excitement and challenge.  With some clever little lighting tricks the Tipi exploded with vibrance, colour and creativity.  I Loved it and was constantly excited to see how each shot looked on the camera.  Every angle gave me a new dynamic shot, and the lighting was an array of colours and transformed the poles and canvas into amazing features.  

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City of London Engagement Shoot I met Becky and Robin at the foot of the Shard and we walked the length of the South bank stopping at various place to capture and take in the breathtaking London skyline and sky.  Becky and Robin are getting married in the Oxfordshire countryside but live in London so the contrast of the London backdrop and urban feel makes a great location for their engagement shoot.  We had so much fun and I was so excited about the huge diversity in the images.  We even got an EMPTY bridge (for a moment)!! 

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Iffley Lock Engagement Shoot I had the joy of photographing Hannah and Matt for their engagement photos at Iffley Lock in Oxford.  I had never been there before and I was so thrilled to find another beautiful hidden gem in Oxford.  We had an idilic morning walking and taking photos as the geese flew past us, the rowing boats, cyclists, dog walkers, and runners all milled around us.  Hannah and Matt were a dream to photograph and we got some great shots which I hope they will treasure.


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Eynsham Hall Wedding - April The hottest weekend of the year so far saw Jamie and Laura married at the beautiful Eynsham Hall near Witney in Oxfordshire.  Such a great family and couple.  Smiles love and fun all day through - a true celebration of joy and happiness.  

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